Project Description

Weight loss is a preoccupation shared by many women for multiple reasons. You may need a confidence boost, find yourself struggling with physical unfitness and associated health issues, or have a big, life-changing goal in mind – like having a baby – which hinges on your ability to shed that extra weight. 

In theory, it doesn’t seem too complicated. You eat less, you move more, the pounds drop off. 

In reality, life’s a lot more complex. Hormones, health issues, and the mental toll of depriving yourself of food all stack up against you. 

Weight loss success can seem like an unachievable goal, but when you’re body is screaming in pain from aching joints, tired feet, and stiff necks, and you’re constantly exhausted, constantly getting sick, it’s time to take action.

You’re not living your best life until you’re completely comfortable with the way you look and feel, and weight plays an important role in finding that balance.

The BluVida Women’s Weight Loss program provides all of the support and education needed to first reach and then maintain your goals. Our resources are at your disposal, here to help you achieve whatever your ideal is in terms of body fat percentage and weight.

We’ll complete a full evaluation of your needs, and move you on an eating plan that will kickstart your journey to a happier, healthier you!

You’ll begin with some initial testing including an EKG, blood work, and urine analysis, coupled with a visit with one of our providers. They will give you a personalized plan to reduce your calorie intake, as well as supply appetite suppressants (should you need them), from BluVida’s in-house pharmacy. Every day you’ll get an email delivering a suggested menu, a shopping list, and suggestions for your exercise regiment. Once you hit your weight goal (and you will!) we will modify your plan to one that maintains it.

You’re busy, we get it, but finding the perfect weight is a vital factor in both your emotional and physical wellbeing, and we’re quite happy to work around your needs and accommodate your schedule.