The 10x Rule: How To Achieve Your Goals Easily

Like the majority of people in this busy and ever-developing world, you have your own dreams, aspirations and goals. Plans to be healthier ready for your summer holiday, plans to further your career, or grow your business, or plans to find the perfect job after you finish college. The list is endless, and everyone’s ambitions are different.

The problem with goals is that the longer you strive to achieve them without seeing results, the more they feel out of reach. This can easily leave you disillusioned. You just can’t cross that finish line.

When you’re struggling to stay motivated one thing that may help is the 10x rule. Here’s a rundown of exactly what it is and how you can use it to benefit your goals…

What Is The 10x Rule?

The 10x rule helps to tackle the problematic factor that is inhibiting you from achieving your goals. It’s very effective, but actually pretty simple.

Take your original goal, and whatever it is (whether it’s learning a new language or writing a best-selling book), multiply it by ten.

That may sound terrifying and counterintuitive when you’re already overwhelmed by the difficulty of achieving your current goal, but it’s actually a very effective way of giving yourself more scope for achievement. While the ultimate goal is not harder to reach, you have opened it up to include any micro goals along the way.

Give yourself the opportunity to challenge yourself, and stop limiting your capabilities.

Does It Actually Work?

Having a positive mental attitude about your goals is a great way to stretch your thinking and achieve maximum results in all areas of life. The 10x rule helps you to aim higher and ultimately have 10 times as much motivation and drive, pushing you to not only hit your original target, but supersede it and attain even loftier goals.

The problem with small goals is that they are often too ordinary. They’re never memorable, and seldom inspirational, which can result in you never achieving them because you lose interest or simply forget you had them in the first place.

You need the satisfaction of feeling your efforts are creating big shifts in your world, that what you are aiming for will be worthy of celebration once you get there.

All you need to do is present yourself with a goal that’s genuinely worth getting excited about. Something that gets you fired up so you work hard and increase your activity.

Figure out what is blocking you from reaching the end goal, and use your newfound motivation to jump over it. You will quickly hit your original goal, speed on past it, and start smashing further and further into your new vision.

The Four Levels Of Action…

What is it that makes a goal actionable and achievable? Technically a goal consists of nothing more than the results of effort expended in a particular direction towards a specific aim, intendd to improve something about your life or situtaion.

There are four levels of action you can do, according to the infamous creator of the 10x rule, Grant Cardone. These include:

  1. Do nothing – Negative attitude towards taking action to kickstart the journey of achieving your goal.
  2. Retreat – Fearing the worst, those uncertain whether they can even begin to achieve their goal, enter back into their shells to protect themselves.
  3. Normal level of action – You are going about your business, in day-to-day life, there’s nothing that you’re doing that is currently extraordinary.
  4. Massive action – You are putting everything into achieving your goals and working hard to cross the finish line.

The best way to look at your goals is to consider that every day is different. You can always do better today than you did yesterday, and always have the potential to improve upon the results you achieved today, tomorrow.

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