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Our beauty center is here to indulge your senses, enhance your self-esteem, and boost your natural beauty. Shine inside and out with our range of exquisite products and treatments…

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Life is hectic, and taking a little ‘me time’ can seem like an impossible task. We’re here to help you take time out from life, relax, recharge, and discover the best version of yourself…

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As a full-service health center, BluVida treatments are designed to help you manage physical issues. From recovering from illness to managing mental health we’ve got you covered…

BluVida’s Ethos

BluVida is the double-sided key to unlock your full potential and help you discover true wellness. One side consists of a holistic approach encompassing every aspect of yourself – body, mind, spirit – and incorporating the very latest in technological and medical innovation. On the other side is the ability to access these modalities in a simple, convenient, time-efficient manner that enables maximum focus on You Time and minimal fuss and effort. We’ve curated all the technology, specialist medical expertise and luxuries you need to reach complete health, fitness, wellness, and the confidence that comes with feeling power and beauty infusing every inch of your being.

At BluVida we’re on a mission to empower the people of Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas to live their best lives. Step into our indulgent and luxurious spa-like facility and let us empower you to discover the best version of you. Escape the stresses, strains, and noise of modern life, and take advantage of our one-stop health spa, wellness hub, and beauty center. We’re here to provide the cutting edge of wellness modalities, from anti-ageing and performance-boosting treatments, to aesthetic enhancements for a holistic experience that will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated and replenished. 

BluVida’s Technology

Our technology-driven treatments incorporate the cutting edge of advancements in science and tech, blended with the latest research in health and wellness. The result is a range of treatments designed to naturally tap into and enhance your body’s performance, efficiency, and appearance. The human body has a wealth of untapped potential lying dormant in every cell. Through technology we can boost those cells and ensure every element of our physical, mental and aesthetic makeup is working at peak performance. Feel your best, look your best, be your best. Learn to live your best life through a new philosophy of biohacking brilliance.

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Caring for your skin

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Healthy Journey & Long Term Vitality

Heal & Restore

Restoration from a health battle

Heal & Rebuild

Orthopedic challenges & health challenges

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Vitamin IV Therapy

Detoxify, nourish, and hydrate your cells from the inside out for fast, dramatic, and long-lasting results.

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PEMF Cellular Exercise

A little positive energy is just the pick-me-up you need.

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