WiQo Treatment

What is WiQo?

Developed by an Italian dermatologist, WiQo is a new kind of chemical peel, designed to beautify and rejuvenate the skin without peeling, flaking, needles or downtime. WiQo’s advanced PRX-T33 TCA/H202/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that sink deeply into the sub-dermal layer of skin, stimulating collagen production and triggering a natural healing response. Combined with a patented application technique and proven treatment protocol, WiQo is able to address a number of common concerns and give your skin a healthy, youthful glow that lasts. This “peel-less” peel can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, an uneven texture, enlarged pores, stretch marks, sun damage, acne scars and more, making it a versatile skin care solution.

Benefits of WiQo Treatment

  • Bio-revitalizing treatment promotes natural regeneration
  • No peeling, flaking or downtime — won’t disrupt your social life
  • Improves your skin’s tone and texture
  • Lifting, firming and tightening effect
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • Safe for all skin tones and types
  • Unique formula combines TCA, hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid
  • Doesn’t increase photosensitivity
  • Can be used on the face, neck, chest and other areas of the body

What to Expect During WiQo Treatment

The WiQo treatment protocol is relatively quick and easy, performed in-office by one of BluVida aesthetic experts. To begin, your skin will first be cleansed with the WiQo P Solution, removing dirt, oil and debris without feeling greasy or dry. Then, your provider will apply the PRT-T33 TCA/H202/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid using a specific massage technique. You may notice a mild tingling sensation during application, but this is normal and indicates that the product is working. The solution will be left on your skin for a short while to address your concerns before being rinsed off. Afterward, WiQo’s Moisturizing Face Cream will be applied to hydrate, nourish and protect treated areas. You will be sent home with additional WiQo products and aftercare instructions to further enhance your results.

WiQo provides both immediate and long-term results that make your skin look visibly smoother, firmer and healthier. Due to increased collagen production and cellular renewal, improvements will continue to develop over the next few weeks. A series of four treatments is often recommended for results that last six to eight months, which can be maintained or prolonged with an occasional touch-up.

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