Cryotherapy Localized Treatment

Boost Endorphins, Increase Microcirculation, Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Our revolutionary cryotherapy treatment is the latest technological breakthrough to aid in the rapid removal of waste and excess fluids from your tissues, resulting in reduced inflammation, improved health and vitality, and even the prevention of health issues you don’t even have yet.

A five to ten-minute localized stream of super cooled air (nitrogen) is used to focus on one treatment area at a time. Localized Cryotherapy is frequently paired with Red Light therapy (Photo Biomodulation) for quicker recovery time.

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary technique that uses a comfortable form of cold therapy to expose your body to incredibly cold temperatures for several minutes at a time. If this sounds like a bizarre idea, we understand, but cryotherapy is an extremely effective treatment that maymitigate the symptoms of a range of illnesses, including migraines, skin complaints, mood disorders, numbness and nerve irritation, and arthritis. Localized cryotherapy treatments are the perfect way to target specific areas and issues in a fast and effective manner.