How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself In 2020

Before you can start to improve yourself, it is important to hold the mirror up to yourself and discover exactly what it is that is holding you back. This can be a painful process – it is not easy to admit habits or traits that make us less than perfect! But, when you have zoned in on a few areas of improvement, it is much easier to begin making steps to be a better you.

Some of the common characteristics and tendencies that might be causing your issues:

  1. A fear of failure or success

Both of these can hold us back in many ways. A fear of failure can prevent you from trying new things and talking to new people, whereas a fear of success can make you duck away from promotion or other great opportunities. Both success and failure are good things, and both happen to everyone – embracing this fact is the start of the journey to being the best you.

  1. A lack of positive thinking

Negative thinking is endemic. It comes across in every part of life – from work, to school, to home life. How often have you talked yourself down and thought there was no point in trying to lose weight, take up exercise or look for a new job because you would be bad at it anyway? Excessive negative self-talk can affect us in some damaging ways, and setting yourself free from it can seriously change you.

  1. Over the top procrastination

Procrastination is the ultimate sabotage. Those small, insignificant factors that sidetrack you can ultimately derail your goals. Setting too large a goal can lead to procrastination – break that goal into small, manageable chunks and you will notice a significant improvement.

Procrastination can take any number of forms – from focusing on ultimately irrelevant tasks to binge-watching a whole TV series. Either way, breaking this habit will help you enormously.

  1. Not prioritizing you

Doing things for other people feels good. And when it’s family, it’s necessary. But not taking time out for yourself causes far more issues, from burnout to poor mental health. These can be extremely serious, so it is important to shake those feelings of guilt and make sure you take some time for yourself.

Improve Yourself, Whatever Your Goal…

Now that you have discovered what might be holding you back, it is time to move forward and start achieving your goals. The most important thing to do when you’re setting goals is to make sure that they are achievable. If you set goals that are too high, when you don’t achieve them you are likely to feel negative about yourself and you’re less likely to try again in future. Instead, set small, measurable goals that you can easily accomplish – the feeling of ticking them off will get you hooked. Here are some ideas:

  • If you want to lose weight, set your goal in steps. For example, I want to lose 1kg in 2 weeks. You can then set a new goal once you have achieved your first one, instead of trying to do it all in one go. If you do this, the feeling of failure is not so great if you struggle to meet your target in one time period, because you have already succeeded in others and know you can do it again.
  • If you want a new job, break down the process into chunks. For example, this week I will update my CV. Next week, I will apply for 3 jobs. This way, you will be far more likely to reach your end goal.

See these small steps as stepping stones over a river. Jumping all of the way across wouldn’t be possible, but take a small step at a time and you can reach the other side.

Changing Your Body And Your Mindset To Become A Better You

When you have decided what your goals are, it is time to start achieving them! Here are some things you can do to make you more likely to succeed.

  1. PEMF Therapy For Pain Relief And Ultimate Strength

Chronic Pain

If you feel like you can’t achieve your goals because of chronic pain, it’s time to take steps to change that. You may have found that painkillers are no longer working – or you have to take more to get any effect. This can often happen when you have been reliant on painkillers for a long time.

Chronic pain can be caused by any number of conditions – from arthritis to fibromyalgia to nerve damage – but frustratingly, it often goes undiagnosed so although the symptom, chronic pain, is treated with painkillers, the actual cause is not.

This is where Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy comes in. Each of your cells has positive and negative magnetic charges, and these are required to maintain healthy delivery of oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants around your body. When these charges are diminished, it can lead to poor health, inflammation and pain. PEMF therapy restores the charges to your cells, allowing your body to heal from the inside and soothing your pain.

Building Strength

It is a common goal to become stronger and fitter, but sometimes it doesn’t feel easy. If you find that you are having to spend a long time recovering after workouts, PEMF therapy can help you to smash your target.

When you work out, your muscles experience micro-tears and fill with lactic acid. In order to get stronger, your body needs to flush the lactic acid and repair the muscles so that they are more powerful and able to handle a workout than before.

PEMF therapy can help to speed up this recovery process by increasing your blood flow and delivering vital oxygen and nutrients needed for repair.

  1. Red Light Therapy With The Theralight 360 For Increased Flexibility

Avoiding injury and staying active as we age are really important to ensure that we can keep living our best lives. Taking up a hobby to increase flexibility – such as yoga or pilates – is a great method for doing this.

Before or after your yoga session, you can utilize the Theralight 360 which offers whole body red light therapy. The benefits of a session include:

  • Restoration of motion to joints
  • Redeveloping muscles
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness

The red light therapy can provide a boost to your strength and flexibility, increasing the advantages of your yoga workout. This will help you to feel stronger, fitter and with increased litheness.

  1. Become Healthier And Beat Off Illness With IV Drip Therapy

We often try to eat more healthily and be more mindful of what we feed our bodies. But did you know that your body can’t absorb all of the vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat? This is why, no matter how many fruits and vegetables you eat, you might not get the energy boost that you were expecting. Even when you take vitamin supplements, your stomach and digestive tract can’t absorb everything.

However, there is a way for your body to absorb up to 100% of the vitamins and nutrients – IV drip therapy. With this incredible treatment, you can start with a body analysis which will tell you exactly which nutrients your body is lacking in. You can then have a completely individualized IV therapy which will give your body the boost it needs.

This has many amazing benefits, including:

  • Better immune health
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved symptoms for anxiety and depression
  • Improved mental clarity and cognitive function

The therapy can give you the boost you need to go out and exercise, and it can even help your body to fight off illnesses. You’ll be able to start ticking off your to do list, taking even bigger steps towards that ultimate goal of being a better you.

Regular IV drip therapy will make your body feel and look better and stronger.

  1. Achieve A More Toned Body With Cryo21

Being the best version of yourself can include looking good, too. Feeling confident can come from having a toned body and seeing the work you have put in starting to pay off.

Cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy which involves targeting parts of the body with extremely low temperatures. This triggers the thermoreceptors in the skin, leading your body to undergo a series of changes.

The cold temperature shocks fat cells, and reduces them through a process called apoptosis. This is an orderly process in which the fat cells die in a carefully controlled way, and are flushed out by the body. The harmful ‘white fat’ cells are transformed into ‘brown fat’ cells which your body can easily break down – resulting in less fat.

After several treatments, you will notice that the problem fat in the area you have been receiving treatment is significantly reduced, leading to a more toned, healthier you.

  1. Hit Your Weight Loss Goal With SlimSculpt

Trying to lose weight with surgery, pills or excessively calorie restrictive diets can cause huge problems for your overall health. With the risk of infection, illness or lower immunity, these are things you don’t want to be doing when you’re trying to become a better version of yourself.

However, there is another way. If you’re eating healthily and exercising and you aren’t seeing the benefits that you expect, SlimSculpt is the way to go.

This option is completely non invasive, and you can see a huge change in the shape of your body without recovery pain. The treatment uses LED lights to penetrate fat cells, releasing the triglycerides and cholesterol into your lymphatic system to be carried away. We all have stubborn areas that don’t respond to exercise, and with SlimSculpt you can target those areas to get the body you want.

  1. Practice Self Care With Hydrafacials

There is no point in trying to be a better version of yourself without taking time out to practice self care. It’s made big news lately as the many benefits of self care have been publicized. In particular, our mental health improves significantly when we take time for ourselves. In the modern world, where stress and anxiety are rife, it is more important than ever to prioritize ourselves to prevent burnout.

What better way to do that than to enjoy a weekly or monthly facial? The Hydrafacial uses advanced technology to deeply cleanse the skin and deliver botanical ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract and zinc) deep within the pores. It also distributes the most powerful antioxidants to help to target damage from pollution, sun and stress.

The results are instant you will be left with a natural, glowing complexion. It is also extremely gentle – making it perfect for those with problem skin – but the results go much deeper than with a traditional facial. This makes it the perfect treat for yourself to wind down during a busy week.

  1. Balance Your Mood With Medical Marijuana

If you are struggling with feelings of sadness, or you lack interest in activities that you once enjoyed, it can be extremely difficult to motivate yourself to make changes that are in your interest.

Perhaps you are suffering from depression or anxiety, and are struggling to find a treatment that helps.

Medical marijuana may be for you. When we are under chronic stress, our brains produce less endocannabinoids. These are chemical compounds which affect emotions and behaviour, and they are very similar to the chemicals found in marijuana. Using these compounds from marijuana could restore normal endocannabinoid function and help to stabilize moods and ease depression.

It can also help to increase focus and promote calm, controlling the fight or flight response that can go into overdrive with conditions like anxiety and PTSD.

Next Steps…

Goal setting only works if you measure your progress against those goals and celebrate your victories. You need to be dedicated to your improvement to make sure that you keep going – and the only way to do that is by recognizing the person you want to be and realise the small steps you are making to get there.

If you’re struggling to do this, you could use these prompts to think about the person you want to be:

  • When do you feel like the best version of yourself?
  • When is it easiest to feel like the best version of yourself?
  • When are you a poor version of yourself?
  • What actions can help you on your journey to being the best version of yourself?

Again, it isn’t enough to consider these once. Keep them in the forefront of your mind and dwell on them as you go about your life. You’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to take the necessary steps to improve.

Try making the things that make you feel good – whether that’s getting a Hydrafacial or IV drip therapy – part of your to do list. That way you get triple the benefits; one when you enjoy the treatment itself, one when you experience the amazing effects, and one when you tick it off your list.

Where Can I Go For More Information?

At BluVida Wellness & Med Spa, we offer all of the treatments outlined, and many many more. We also have women’s and men’s weight loss programs to get you even closer to your goal.

We use advanced technologies to help you achieve peak wellness – both of the mind and the body – helping you to be the best version of you. You can easily book your treatment in Katy, Texas online today; we are easily accessible for people all over Houston.