Everything you always wanted to know about the gut, body fat and aging better!




The Groundbreaking Book Has Been Hailed As One Of The Most Important Books Of All Time!

JOEL IS THE AUTHOR OF THE IMMUNITY CODE: The Immunity Code presents a new, immune centric paradigm to aging, health and the way we go about caring for our bodies.

Joel Greene teaches you how to control key immune mechanisms via a list of easy non-time intensive list of to-do’s. Armed with this new paradigm you will learn how to hack the aging process, restore and recolonize the gut, control the health of your body fat, spin down inflammation, maximize sleep, amplify fasting, and many other life extending skills.

Joel Greene is the creator of the VEEP Nutrition System, the world’s first commercially available program based on targeting gut communities to effect biomarkers. He is a featured author, speaker, and guest in top tier publications like Muscle and Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness Digital Magazine, CBS Online, Superhuman Radio, and beyond. His system has also been featured on the Dr. Phil Show, where it has delivered astounding life-changing results.