Remove dead cells from the surface of your skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a powerful, physical exfoliation treatment that removes the old, damaged skin while stimulating the production of new cells, thus smoothing away rough texture issues and restoring a vibrant complexion. Dermaplaning is noninvasive and involves passing a surgical-grade blade or scalpel across the skin to remove the surface layer of dead cells. It also eliminates “peach fuzz” — the soft, tiny hairs on the face — that can trap dirt, oil and bacteria in the pores, leading to breakouts and other blemishes. In the process, dermaplaning stimulates cellular turnover to further improve the appearance of your complexion, ensuring that your skin continues to look brighter, healthier and more youthful over time.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Safe, painless and noninvasive
  • Restores a brighter, smoother skin tone and texture
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars
  • Diminishes fine lines
  • Improves makeup application
  • Helps topical products absorb more readily
  • Unblocks pores
  • Stimulates cellular turnover
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No downtime or recovery

What to Expect During Treatment

Dermaplaning is performed in-office by one of BluVida aesthetic experts. During treatment, your provider will carefully maneuver a sterile surgical blade over your face in quick, short strokes, gently scraping away dead skin cells and peach fuzz. In each area, the skin is pulled taut to ensure a smooth surface and avoid any nicks or cuts. The blade is also held at a precise 45-degree angle, providing deep exfoliation without pain or discomfort. Treatments typically begin at the forehead then move down to the cheeks and chin, avoiding the eyes, lips and nose. The entire dermaplaning process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Dermaplaning is similar to shaving, except it is performed by professionals and removes more than wispy facial hairs. Old, damaged skin cells are eliminated to reveal the healthy layer underneath, giving your complexion a smooth, bright and even appearance. These results will last for several weeks but can be extended with ongoing maintenance treatments.

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