Ozone Therapy for Macular Degeneration


Welcome to our Bluvida article about ozone therapy for macular degeneration. 

First, let’s discuss macular degeneration and whether it is an age-related disease. 

Then, we can talk through the various studies which prove that ozone is a viable treatment option for macular degeneration.

It turns out that macular degeneration is an age-related disease and is a problem with your retina.

The retina is formed of many different components, and one of these is called the macula.

Macular degeneration happens when the macula is damaged. 

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) leads to a loss of central vision.

  • AMD means you cannot see the fine details of life.
  • AMD implies no matter if the object is close or far, you still cannot see it.

AMD does not impact peripheral (side) vision, and peripheral vision is still evident. 

An analogy of AMD is if you were looking at a clock with your hands.

  • With AMD, you might see the clock’s numbers but not the hands.

How common is AMD?

  • AMD is a leading cause of vision loss in people fifty or older.

There are two types of AMD.

  • Dry AMD.
  • Wet AMD.

Dry AMD is the most common form, and 80% of people who have AMD have the dry form.

What is dry AMD?

  • Dry AMD is when parts of the macular get thinner with age and tiny clumps of proteins called drusen grow.
  • The aggregation of drusen leads to a slow loss of central vision.

What is wet AMD?

  • Wet AMD, although less common, is more serious than dry AMD.
  • Wet AMD is when new, abnormal blood vessels grow under the retina.
  • This abnormal neovascularisation leads to the vessels leaking blood or other fluids.
  • This leakage causes extreme scarring of the macula.

People with wet AMD tend to lose their vision quicker than those with dry AMD.

Additionally, people with wet AMD tend to be diagnosed at a later stage and only realize they have AMD until their vision is blurry. 

What could put me at risk for AMD?

  • Are overweight.
  • Smoke cigarettes.
  • Are over fifty years old.
  • Have blood pressure.
  • Having heart disease.

AMD can ultimately lead to blindness. 

The macula is the most important part of our eye, which is why AMD is so devastating. 

AMD is relatively poorly understood, and it is unknown why this disease pathology occurs.

The literature suggests that a key risk factor in the development of macular degeneration is the excess of free oxygen radicals (ROS) which destroys the macular cells.

Ozone and Macular Degeneration:

Ozone is a fascinating solution when it comes to AMD, and it also offers a preventative outlook.

Firstly, ozone plays an essential role in preventing and stopping the progression of AMD through multidirectional mechanisms. 

Ozone therapy has been proven to improve blood supply to all tissues and organs significantly, and this mechanism works directly on macular degeneration. 

Let’s take a closer look at this mechanism: 

  • The photosensitive cells of the eye become better oxygenated.
  • Better oxygenation means more nutrients will arrive at the site of the macular. 
  • This is a bi-directional relationship as better quality of vascularisation to the macular results in more waste product and carbon dioxide being carried away from the tissue site.
  • Overall, this results in the macular becoming healthier. 
  • A healthier macular means there is a less likely hood of developing AMD.

A study of 217 patients using ozone therapy for dry form AMD:

  • Two hundred seventeen patients involved in 2 small clinical studies were analyzed at the University of Siena. 
  • The report noted that ozone therapy stopped the progression of macular degeneration.
  • Ozone also improved visual acuity and the overall well-being of the patient. 
  • Moreover, the research suggests that ozone therapy is safe and has excellent compliance. 

In another randomized controlled clinical study involving one hundred and forty patients, Borrelli et al., found that:

  • Ozone is a safe and effective therapeutic option for high-risk patients with dry AMD.
  • A series of ozone treatments could improve the natural course of AMD.

In the Ophthalmological Center. Holguín, a group, found that ozone therapy is an effective treatment of age-related macular degeneration (dry) based on a study of thirty patients.

Ozone seems to be an extremely practical way to treat macular degeneration effectively. 

It is important to note that ozone therapy can be incorporated into the wide variety of treatment avenues available here at BluVida. 

Depending on the stage of your macular degeneration, we may recommend a blend of treatments. 

A study that was published in 2013 in Innovative Ophthalmology on ozone and macular degeneration:

  • The researchers took a group of 140 patients diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration and split them into two groups. 
  • One group received ozone therapy, and the other group received vitamin therapy.
  • People were evaluated twice – 6 months and a year in the study. 
  • The results showed that people who received ozone therapy had far less oxidative stress in their blood plasma and better visual acuity than the control group that received the multivitamins.

The researchers concluded that ozone therapy helps in the vasodilation of the retinal micro-capillaries, which produces something called nitric oxide, which is good for the retina. 

Also, the group found that the microcapillary circulation was much improved, and the visual acuity of seeing the eye chart also significantly improved.


The takeaway is that ozone therapy may be a complementary and alternative medicine that could be beneficial for preventing different retinal diseases like degenerative myopia, retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt’s disease, and diabetic retinopathy. 

We’re here for you and for the community who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration and are looking to regain control over their vision. BluVida Health and Wellness provides products that improve your vision and quality of life.

Our dream is to make life better for those diagnosed with macular degeneration by offering them an affordable alternative solution.

Our proprietary formula can help minimize the visual effects of age-related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

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