Ozone Therapy for Mood Disorders


Mood disorders can be debilitating, causing extreme irritability and depression. Ozone therapy is a safe treatment option that can help reduce these symptoms and help you live your best life.

We all know that poor mental health can impact your physical health.

Mood disorders are mental conditions that cause a person to feel abnormally sad, anxious, or irritable. They affect how you think and feel about yourself, others and the world around you. 

The most common mood disorders include depression and anxiety, which can be treated with ozone! 

BluVida Health and Wellness is a source of information on ozone therapy to improve your health. Find out how to use this treatment to get closer to feeling your best.

Our approach uses natural therapies based on your needs to resolve underlying issues at the heart of your stressors.

You’re on the right track by opting for Ozone Therapy to help fight the signs of stress, anxiety and depression. 

Ozone Therapy increases the oxygen levels in your body which helps relieve stress, combats anxiety, combats depression, boosts the immune system, combats irritability, mood swings, exhaustion and nervousness, and improves our overall health.

We have another scientific piece written about ozone’s benefits for brain function, which you can find by navigating back to our original ozone page.

This piece is full of information related to the brain, which has a bidirectional relationship to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. 

Let calmness replace anxiety. Be at one with yourself through natural alternatives. 

Ozone Therapy makes you feel better, gives you more energy & decreases anxiety.

Anecdotal reports of using ozone for extreme fatigue, severe depression and loss of coping mechanisms are impressive, with patients stating that:

  • “After the very first treatment, my depression immediately lifted. I no longer had brain fog. I thought it was too good to be accurate, but as my treatments progressed, the improvements kept coming. My mood improved, I had increased energy, my insomnia resolved, my digestion improved, and my PMS symptoms disappeared.
  • For the first time in years, I feel like myself again. It’s been like a complete reboot for my system, and I feel better than I have in years. Ozone therapy has genuinely given me my life back.”

Because of its ability to increase blood flow and improve circulation, ozone therapy can help treat mental illnesses like mood disorders, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Ozone therapy is a treatment process for mood disorders. It allows the body to utilize high-energy oxygen to help with your mood disorder by supplying oxygen to areas of the body and brain that are lacking in oxygen at the time.

Ozone therapy helps improve your mood, energy and sleep by inducing the release of endorphins in the body.

When we are dealing with mood disorders, our bodies are often under a lot of stress. This stress can result in the body becoming “stressed out” and, ultimately, unhealthy. In some cases, these mood disorders have been linked to an imbalance in the gut bacteria or dysbiosis. Ozone therapy has been known to help with dysbiosis and many other health issues and could be beneficial in treating your mood disorder.

While ozone therapy is not a cure for depression and mood disorders, it can assist with aiding your overall health. Ozone therapy works to provide oxygenation to the brain and body, facilitating the delivery of nutrients to where they are needed in the body. It may also help repair damaged neurons in the brain and remove organic pollutants that may interfere with proper brain function.


Here at BluVida, we have a range of avenues for you to explore to once-and-for-all combat your mood disorder.


  • Photobiomodulation, otherwise known as red light therapy.
  • Pulse-electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).
  • Intravenous drips.
  • Molecular Hydrogen.
  • A wide range of hormone treatments.
  • Facial and aesthetic works.

At BluVida, we take depression, anxiety, and all other mental health ailments very seriously.

Our loving and kind team will be here for you every step.

Our approach is holistic and tailored to your individual needs.

We have an array of options for you! Take the first step today by joining us at BluVida Health and Wellness.

At BluVida, we understand that you need some extra help when it comes to overcoming mood disorders. If your depression is not responding to other medications or therapies, we can provide solutions that might be more effective for you.

We believe that what you get out of life is directly related to how much you put into it. That’s why we have a range of avenues for you to explore.

If you are suffering from:

  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Grief and trauma.

Then we are here for you.

At BluVida Health and Wellness, we have the unique ability to create customized plans for each of our members.

We are here to help you find a solution based on your unique situation.

Our holistic and comprehensive approach allows us to tackle the root cause of your mood disorder and give you back control of your own life.

No matter what, BluVida is here for you.