A Beginner’s Guide To Biohacking – Everything You Need To Know

Biohacking is a term that gets bandied around and has become very popular in recent years.

But what exactly is it, and how can it help you realize your full potential? Simply put, biohacking is all about making changes to re-energize and enhance your body. Whether that’s by tweaking your sleeping pattern, shaking up the food you eat, taking health supplements, or partaking in a workout, yoga classes, or personal training.

Every little adjustment makes a difference.

Self-experimentation and the desire to constantly evolve is a positive and passionate drive that many of us have to change their physiology and chemistry, in order to become one’s perfect self.

So, how can you begin nurturing yourself inside and out? Here’s everything you need to know about improving your body in our guide to biohacking 101…

What Are The Different Types Of Biohacking?

Each type of biohacking has its own benefits, and there are different levels of intensity in terms of physical effects for each one. Add to this the fact biohacking works differently for everyone, and it’s a very individual experience, however, there are currently three main forms of biohacking: nutrigenomics, DIY biology, and grinding.


Nutrigenomics is a fascinating look at the food you’re eating and how this interacts with your genes. It delves into the ways in which various nutrients affect your thoughts, behavior and overall feelings. It was founded on the premise that your genetic makeup is mapped, and can show the specific pathways triggered by nutrients in your food, and how they effect your health journey over a set period of time.

DIY Biology…

DIY Biology is for the experimenters in the biohacking world. It involves simple hacks to help everyday people, such as the use of technology-driven beauty, health and wellness treatments (like those offered by BluVida), and the creation of structured experiments or testing in labs. This allows the professionals to share the latest tips and tricks as well as technologies to help nurture your growth and empower you as a person, in an affordable, accessible, and safe way.


Grinding is the final type of biohacking, which describes a biohacking subculture that takes everything up to the highest level. Grinders (individuals who engage in this form of biohacking) believe every part of a human body as “hackable”. It involves the integration of the latest gadgets and technology directly into the human body, as the ultimate form of adapting the way the body functions.

It’s all about hi-tech machinery and robotics, and is a little bit cyberpunk!

Does Biohacking Work?

There are many misconceptions that come with biohacking, but it’s actually so beneficial for your health. It can potentially decrease your chances of developing a disease, helping you physically, mentally and emotionally and optimize how your body works.

You can actually match biohacking with wellness centers, as a way to take a step back from your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle. It allows you to go to your local one-stop-shop, for everything you could possibly need for biohacking and self-improvement. You can boost your health, performance and mind and body all in one place.

How To Add Biohacking Into Your Life…

There are some simple and easy ways to add biohacking into your life. Here’s how to begin biohacking your body…

  • Start by biohacking your sleep and mind – every night before you go to sleep, start meditating and reflecting on your day, switching off completely from any electronic devices and the modern world.
  • Begin biohacking your diet – remove any food that may be causing you any problems, this may include dairy, red meat or any processed sugars and food.
  • Spend more time outdoors – increasing the amount of daylight you see can improve your mood. Why not try being more active and explore nature?
  • Visit a wellbeing spa – visiting a wellbeing spa can be so beneficial for you mentally and physically, as well as allowing you to enhance your body.

At BluVida, we’re all about helping you to become your best self. Through cutting edge care modalities, we provide various services as the hub of all wellness spas, health centers and beauty medspas. Holistic health starts with a simple chat, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today…