5 Epic Benefits Of A High Dose Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is essential to life; its benefits are enormous. But, the body can’t make or store it. We all know that we should try to get enough vitamin C, but how much do you actually know about it?

  • The importance of vitamin C was first realised over 250 years ago, when a shortage of it was discovered to cause scurvy.
  • It is needed to form collagen.
  • It may be able to improve heart health.
  • The best dietary sources of vitamin C are oranges, peppers, guave, grapefruit and strawberries.
  • Smoking causes the body to excrete more vitamin C than usual.
  • High doses of vitamin C are sometimes used as part of cancer treatment. In these cases, vitamin C is given intravenously (via a drip).

Intravenous Vitamin C

Without enough vitamin C, our bodies fall apart. Scurvy, a condition caused by lack of vitamin C, can lead to bleeding gums and skin, bulging eyes, hair loss and eventually death. Not good! We can gain small amounts of vitamin C from our diets; however, this usually isn’t enough to achieve optimal health.

Our bodies can’t absorb all of the vitamin C that we consume, and this includes supplements. However, when vitamin C is delivered by an IV, it is 100% bioavailable. This is amazing news, because the benefits of vitamin C are huge.

The Benefits Of Getting A High Dose Vitamin C IV…

Collagen Production

Collagen is a vital structural protein which is found in all animal tissue. It holds muscles to bones, provides structural support for veins, keeps skin looking young and cartilage strong. Vitamin C is required for collagen synthesis, along with two amino acids. When you don’t have enough collagen, your body is weaker – and this can lead to aneurysms, sports injuries and even stroke.

A high dose vitamin C IV can boost your collagen production, leading not only to a healthier body, but a better looking one too! Collagen can turn back the clock on wrinkles and photodamage (those dark spots caused by sunlight).

Energy Production

Your body needs vitamin C to make L-carnitine, which helps you burn fat for energy. Fatigue has been discovered to be one of the first signs of vitamin C depletion, and in several studies a high dose of vitamin C has been shown to decrease exhaustion. A vitamin C drip can leave you feeling energised, healthy and ready to go.

Immune Support

Vitamin C is believed to have a direct effect against bacteria and viruses. It can treat the common cold and decrease the length by up to 1.5 days in some cases. There are many reasons why vitamin C is able to help in this way:

  • It supports the production of interferons, which enable cells to begin their protective defences.
  • It enhances the function of phagocytes (the white blood cells which surround and capture dangerous particles – such as viruses).
  • It enhances the production of nitrogen oxide, which is able to kill those captured particles.
  • It supports the production and activity of antibodies, which is important for a healthy immune system.

These are just a few of the many ways in which vitamin C is able to provide immune support and protect against illness. A vitamin C IV drip can, therefore, help you to avoid illness and reduce symptoms if you’re already ill.

Antioxidant Properties

We’ve heard a lot about antioxidants – but to recap, they are the special nutrients that help to protect our cells against free radicals. Free radicals are rogue molecules with an unpaired electron. Electrons like to be in pairs, and free radicals roam around your body attacking cells to steal an electron. This causes cell damage and even cell death. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals by neutralising them with a spare electron. This protects cells and keeps your body working the way it should.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, and because of this it has a role in disease prevention.

Vitamin C As A Cancer Treatment

Following some really encouraging results, more and more studies are being done into high doses of vitamin C as a cancer treatment. It is believed that the antioxidant and collagen producing properties of vitamin C can provide enormous benefits for those suffering from cancer. Here are some exciting findings:

  • Laboratory studies (where tumor cells are used to test a substance to see if it has any anticancer effects) found that high levels of vitamin C may kill cancer cells.
  • Two studies have found that cancer patients receiving vitamin C IV therapy as a sole treatment had a better quality of life and fewer side effects than those who did not.
  • In a small study of 9 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, patients were given chemotherapy once a week for 3 weeks, along with a vitamin C infusion twice a week for 4 weeks during each treatment cycle. The disease did not progress over an average of 6 months in these patients.
  • Another study compared patients who had chemotherapy alone and patients who had chemotherapy and a vitamin C IV drip or injection. The patients who had the vitamin C drip as well had fewer side effects from the chemotherapy.
  • Patients with non-small cell lung cancer were given standard treatment as well as IV vitamin C. Patients had better overall survival and fewer side effects compared to control groups.What Is The Link Between Vitamin C And Cancer?

Scientists have been investigating why vitamin C might have a role in cancer treatment. Cancer cells produce abnormally high levels of ‘redox active iron molecules’. These molecules react with vitamin C and form hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide-derived free radicals. These particular free radicals may encourage cancer cell death by damaging the cells’ DNA, making them weaker and more vulnerable to chemotherapy.

This is all great news. Of course, more research is needed before high dose vitamin C infusions can be provided as a regular treatment by doctors, but the current results are really promising for those suffering from cancer.

Who Should Go For A Vitamin C IV?

With so many amazing benefits to take advantage of, getting a fast infusion of sunshine is a great idea for most people, however it’s of particular benefit for:

  • People looking for an energy boost – whether you’re feeling generally run down, have a hangover or need a pick-me-up.
  • Anyone who wants an incredible anti-aging treatment – if you want to reduce you wrinkles, brighten your eyes and encourage glossy, strong hair growth.
  • Patients looking for a way to boost your cancer treatment or other chronic disease treatment. Remember that you should talk to your doctor before changing your treatment. Vitamin C IV therapy is not recommended for people who have kidney problems.

Where Can I Find A Vitamin C Infusion Near Me?

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