IV Nutritional Therapy: 5 Epic Benefits That Will Change Your Life

Have you enjoyed the benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy yet? If not, you might want to change that. Good nutrition is one of the most important ways we can look after our bodies, stay healthy and keep illnesses at bay. But so many of us overlook – or don’t fully understand – this vital part of our physiology.

When we think about health, it is easy to focus on the ‘calories in, calories out’ mantra that dieting gurus have preached for decades. However, the idea that if you eat fewer calories you will become slimmer and healthier should be debunked. It’s just not as simple as that. Reducing calories without focusing on nutrition is one step towards disaster. This is why so many people are turning to IV Nutritional Therapy…

What Is IV Nutritional Therapy?

Did you know that our bodies can absorb as little as 10% of the nutrients in the food we eat? And when you bear in mind that our diets include so many convenience foods because of our jam-packed lifestyles, that doesn’t leave our bodies much to work with.

We need a set amount of vitamins and nutrients each day for our cells to carry out vital roles. When we don’t have enough, those cells begin to lose function and this is when you start feeling low in energy and run down. Stay in this state for long enough, and illness can easily kick in.

IV Nutritional Therapy is an innovative and effective way of turning this around. Key vitamins and minerals are delivered directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous drip, and this method of direct administration means that your body absorbs 100% of those nutrients. They are transported in a saline solution, giving your body a hydration boost at the same time – so your cells can utilize the vitamins as efficiently as possible.

What does this mean? Well, there are many benefits – but here are six of the best.

1. A Collagen Boost…

We’ve all heard of collagen – it’s the protein that keeps our skin looking fresh, plump and youthful. But that’s not all it does. It also has an important role in keeping your bones, muscles and tendons strong and healthy. It is one of the building blocks of our bodies, and the glue that holds everything together.

Unfortunately, eating sugar and refined carbs can mess with our bodies’ ability to make collagen, and this is what leads to us looking and feeling older.

In the body, collagen is made by combining two amino acids in a process that involves vitamin C. An IV Nutritional Drip can deliver everything required to your bloodstream, enabling increased production of this amazing protein. The result? You look better, feel better and you will be stronger than ever.

2. Keeping Free Radicals At Bay

Ready for the science? Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron. Electrons prefer to be in pairs so free radicals attack cells to steal electrons, leaving them damaged. This damage, when sustained, is called ‘oxidative stress’ and can lead to a variety of problems including inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis), cancers, heart disease and stroke.

Fortunately, free radicals can be fought with antioxidants. These molecules neutralize free radicals – leaving them unable to cause harm.

Some of the best antioxidants are vitamin C (which less than 10% of the American population get enough of) and vitamin E (which 8 out of 10 have a deficiency in). The good news? IV Nutritional Therapy tops up your levels of vital antioxidants, helping to keep those free radicals under control.

3. Reaching Peak Athletic Performance…

Any athletes out there will know how important good nutrition is. Intensive training is hard on the body, and IV therapy can improve your performance by:

  • Boosting your hydration levels
  • Combating free radicals which are produced by exercise
  • Helping to build and maintain healthy muscles
  • Reducing recovery time

It doesn’t matter whether you are at the top of your game or just starting out, IV Nutritional Therapy provides the vitamins and minerals you need to make sure that you are performing as well as you should be.

4. Supporting Healthy Weight Loss

Many diets out there don’t consider nutrition at all. As we touched on earlier, the focus of most is that you should eat less calories. But the result of that is that you end up lacking in many nutrients. Some of the most damaging diets are those which preach cutting out whole food groups – without considering what is best for the individual person. Our own weight loss program is tailored, personalized and focused on ensuring you have the vitamins you need – but regardless of the plan you are on, it is extremely important that you have the nutrients you need.

IV Nutritional Therapy keeps those levels topped up, so you stay healthy and your cravings are limited. Win, win!

5. Minimizing Anxiety

In the modern world, anxiety is more common than ever – with an estimated 40 million Americans suffering. There are many causes, but one of the most easily rectified is vitamin deficiency. B vitamins are crucial for good mental and emotional health, and symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency can include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Mental fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness and irritability

Our bodies can’t store B vitamins, and it can be difficult to get enough from the food we eat. This is where IV Nutritional Therapy can help by boosting your vitamin B levels and bringing calm to your life. This is a natural way of easing anxiety without resorting to medications.

Booking IV Nutritional Therapy In Katy, Texas….

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