Nurture Your Mitochondria at BluVida



October 3rd, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Current evidence suggests that our mitochondria are surprisingly interdependent solo crawlers making their way through the soupy interior of our cells. And, that actually, their functions go far beyond their familiar role as the cellular powerhouse.

What can be said of modern-day disease is often argued for and against; however, one cannot deny that mitochondrial dysfunction seems to be a common characteristic and fundamental flaw.

From Alzheimer’s to cancer, your mitochondrial buddies seem to be the root cause of your ailments.

So, are the millions of mitochondria that inhabit every one of your cells the TRUE key to your health, freedom and longevity?

Find out on the third of October at BluVida, based in Katy, Texas.

In this live talk, you will learn:

  1. The two billion-year-old origin story of your mitochondria.
  2. The fundamental basics of your mitochondria.
  3. Why do your mitochondria deserve MUCH MORE than being coined the powerhouse of your cells?
  4. What happens to your mitochondria when you age, and how can you reverse this?
  5. How to biohack your mitochondria using the technology at BluVida.
  6. How our mitochondria are social and whisper between our cells to influence our health.

And much more!

Jessica and the BluVida team look forward to seeing you there.

The event will be a fantastic opportunity to learn how you can benefit from the latest biohacking machines. We’re sure that if you attend, you will leave with a better understanding of your health and how you can live long, free and happy.

We hope that you will join us on this journey!

Jessica Alana

Jessica Alana

Jessica is a rebel scientist with a passion for regenerative medicine. Jessica believes that you can heal yourself using the right tools—and that science is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

After graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in biomedicine, Jessica has spent years researching how to unlock the innate healing energy within —and now wants to share this with you.

Jessica thrives on breaking down the barriers between science and spirituality so that anyone can integrate cutting-edge technologies to achieve their own peak performance and activate their soul.

Her research reveals that the body can regenerate itself—and she believes that we can accelerate this process by using next-generation devices to guide the body’s natural processes.

Jessica is a natural healer and has been since overcoming her complex PTSD after losing her Mother to suicide in 2019.
Having seen the depth of despair first-hand, Jessica knows what it is like to overcome an unimaginable loss. She is driven by a deep desire to help those who do not have the resources or support they need to recover from their own losses.

In summary, Jessica’s commitment to helping others is admirable—and it doesn’t stop there!
On the third of October, Jessica is joining us at BluVida to discuss how YOU can nurture your mitochondria using BluVida’s state-of-the-art tech.