M3PSONG – The Best Way To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Health couldn’t be more important. In fact, you could argue that it’s the most important thing there is. Without good health, your quality of life fades and you struggle to do the things that you enjoy. When we think about our weight loss goals, we often get drawn into looks rather than health.

The problem is, modern medicine doesn’t focus on health, rather it deals in ills. It is excellent at treating the symptoms of a condition once you have it, but who is actually looking out for your health and ensuring that you are brought back to the fullest of health?

Look at it this way. If you went to the doctor with heart disease, you would quite rightly be treated for heart disease. But the time isn’t given to searching for the imbalances in your body that led to the heart disease in the first place. Of course, you might be given some general advice – ‘eat less meat’ or ‘get more exercise’, but this doesn’t get to anywhere near the depth you need to actually achieve that fullness of health you crave.

Introducing Dr Willey…

Dr Willey has been helping people get fitter, stronger and healthier by achieving their weight loss goals for decades. As a young child, he had numerous health conditions and was, at one point, prescribed 14 different medications. Suffering from serious asthma which resulted in the need for breathing machines, he wasn’t able to enjoy life as a child should.

That was until his father introduced him to weight training. It became an obsession, and when he wasn’t working out, he was devouring information about health and fitness. Noticing that the fittest people tend to do similar things in terms of exercise and diet, he began to mirror them – and his health transformation was remarkable.

It was because of this incredible change in health that Dr Willey decided to train to become a doctor. During these studies, he was disheartened to come across so many professionals who claimed that changes to diet and exercise didn’t really make any serious difference. He began researching areas of medicine that fitted better with his own personal experiences, and discovered osteopathic medicine – a field that focuses on helping people to achieve a high level of wellness by utilizing healthy living and disease prevention. Following studies at the University of Health Science in Kansas City, he became a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and now spends his time helping people to feel and live better.

Using M3PSONG To Achieve Weight Loss Goals…

As much as it may sound that way, it’s not a piece of music! Instead, the M3PSONG is the pillar of all of the different modalities and interventions that Dr Willey uses to encourage health, wellness and improve the quality of life.

What Does M3PSONG Mean?

M3PSONG stands for:

Together, these are used to encourage weight loss, increase strength and boost overall health.


We work with compounding pharmacies to provide medication that is personalized to you and your particular needs. The medication that we prescribe affects your cells directly, boosting cellular health and potentially extending life. When your cells are well, you are too – and you will feel the benefit throughout your entire body.

Medication has a place in symptom management and disease prevention, but we work hard to ensure that our focus is not just around masking symptoms, and instead utilizes a number of different methods to achieve overall wellness.


Movement is key to our entire ethos. You will know that movement helps to improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, and enables you to maintain an ideal weight, but it does far more than that too. Exercising regularly can lead to changes in your brain – improving mental health and mood.

Movement is important. But how much movement should you do, and what should it entail? This answer is different for everyone, and something that we can answer following our assessment of you. We will give you a comprehensive plan so that you can be sure you’re doing the right quantity, quality and type of exercise to achieve your weight loss goals.

There is no point in taking up running if that isn’t the right exercise type for you – it’s unlikely to work and that feeling of failure is hard to shift. We’ll take time to discover what your body needs – and you will be able to enjoy a workout that is right for you.


A modality is something that we may use to improve your cellular health. This is important, because if your cells aren’t healthy and working the way that they should, then the rest of your body won’t either. Cellular health is tricky to get right, but the healthier they are, the better you perform. Some of the modalities we use are:

  • Red light therapy – gentle red light waves which work to energize and heal your cells.
  • IV therapy – a vitamin boost administered directly to the bloodstream.
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy – the healing power of electromagnetic fields, which give your cells a ‘workout’ to release toxins and become stronger.

These therapies work in different ways, but all strengthen and energize your cells. This enables them to do their jobs more efficiently, so you can recover from exercise more quickly, improve your muscular strength and keep illnesses at bay.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is a safe, effective and exciting new treatment which we use for a number of different purposes.

Peptides are chains of amino acids that link together to produce a protein. The body uses these as communicators between cells, and the targeted use of them can trigger different therapeutic reactions in the body.

Different peptides cause different reactions, and peptide therapy involves the use of a particular peptide to cause a positive reaction. In some cases, the peptide stimulates breakdown of visceral fat, so it could be used for weight loss. Some help to reduce inflammation or increase muscle mass. As part of our work, we assess what your body needs and may use peptide therapy to help.


Supplements are hugely important for ensuring health. Your body needs various vitamins and minerals in order to work properly, and it is extremely difficult to make sure that you are taking in all of those vitamins and minerals through your diet alone – particularly if you have a restricted diet, for example if you are vegetarian or have an intolerance.

We can assess which vitamins and minerals you are deficient in (and given that 92% of Americans are deficient in a vitamin, you are very likely to be too), and create a bespoke package of supplements that will perfectly suit your needs. Over the counter supplements aren’t specific enough to truly provide you with everything that your body needs – whereas our supplement packages are made just for you.


We all know that oxygen is essential for life, but did you know that it is essential for health too? When we age, it is more difficult for our blood to deliver oxygen to where it is needed, and this leads to wrinkles, loss of strength and even sexual dysfunction.

When oxygen is present, your cells are better able to carry out the jobs they were made to do. Everything is more efficient, including the removal of toxins which could otherwise damage cells.

We have a range of modalities to increase oxygen to specific areas of the body, to hyper-oxygenate those areas and increase healing and health.


‘You are what you eat.’

That phrase has been circulating for decades, and it is true. But the problem is that very few people know what this really means, and that’s unsurprising given the mixed messages going around. Are carbs the devil, or is it fat? Or both?

Our philosophy is that there is no bad food, only bad diets. An eating plan that produces results for someone else may very well do the opposite for you, and that’s because we are all different.

We design eating plans based on a huge range of factors – from your genetic makeup, to your weight loss goals, to your exercise, work and family schedules. We don’t agree with fad diets – what you learn from us is something that you can take through your life, becoming healthier and happier (and living longer!), and you will hit your weight loss goals.

The nutrition advice we provide will help you to get healthy, fit and strong.


Do you know anything about your genetic makeup? Although it is such an important part of ‘us’, very few of us have any real knowledge of it. However, testing your genetics tells us so many important things about you.

We can find out whether you use fats or carbohydrates as a primary energy source; and this will help us to determine what your food plan should look like.

Likewise, we can discover what your risk of cardiovascular and other diseases is. This will tell us what your exercise routine should look like, and whether it would be better for you to do cardio or weight training, or a mix.

This care and attention makes the M3PSONG a truly unique program – as unique as you are!

How Does This Come Together?

Our goal is to make you happy and healthy, for life. We want to take the focus away from dieting to lose weight or to look a certain way, and instead encourage you to make lifestyle changes that will leave you happier, healthier and fitter for life. With that will come weight loss – but you will also notice that you feel more energetic, ready for anything.

BluVida’s 12 Week Weight Loss Program combines all of these elements into one incredible package. You will not only be given food and exercise plans; you will also learn about your body and how it works. You will discover why other diet plans may not have worked for you. You will find out which nutrients and vitamins your body is lacking in, and we will provide you with the supplements and Vitamin IV Therapy you need to get back to full health.

So many diet plans focus on weight – and although you will lose weight on our program, if that is your goal, our target is to change the makeup of your body. We’ll help you get rid of damaging excess fat and instead gain lean muscle, setting you on a track towards peak fitness.

When people say that they want to lose weight, the ‘why’ is so important and often overlooked. Sometimes it is to look better, but more often than not it is to feel better. And that is simply not going to happen on simply a calorie restrictive diet.

Start The Program To Smash Those Weight Loss Goals…

If you want to improve your health and wellness, M3PSONG is for you. It can help you to achieve your goals and become the person you have always wanted to be. So if you’re craving a sustained energy boost, if you want that feeling of being able to bounce out of bed in the morning and getting moving without pain or lethargy holding you back, this is the plan for you.

At BluVida Wellness & Med Spa, we have worked with Dr Willey to bring you our incredible 12 Week Weight Loss Program. This is an unmissable way to truly change your life – to become fitter, healthier and happier not just for a few weeks, but forever. Our program is completely personalized to you, so you can be sure that the program will work.

We measure and assess throughout the program, and make changes if and when they are required so that you can be certain that you will progress as you want to. And, best of all, at the end of the program we don’t leave you to it – instead, we recommend that you come back biweekly or monthly for as long as is needed for you to be confident that the changes you have made will stick.

To get started, simply fill in the form below and we will provide you with a FREE info pack, providing you with all you need to know to get signed up. Change your life and hit your weight loss goals with the M3PSONG program today!