How To Easily Hit Your Weight Loss Goals With Cryo 21

When the likes of Will Smith, Alecia Keys, and Demi Moore are raving about a new treatment, there’s usually a good reason. With the perks of celebrity comes a heavy burden to maintain yourself physically, constantly push your career to greater heights, all while avoiding the pitfalls of unhealthy habits that might creep in to help you maintain all of that without buckling under the pressure. Cryotherapy has rapidly become a popular treatment among the glitterati of Holywood precisely because it’s capable of keeping you in tip-top condition and fueling your efforts to create a better version of yourself and a more successful version of your life, all while caring for your wellness and avoiding nasty side effects.

The latest advances in Cryo 21 come with a host of benefits, all of which you start to reap the very day of treatment. But what exactly is cryotherapy and why is it all the rage? Here’s everything you need to know…

What Is Cryotherapy?

In basic terms, cryotherapy is an increasingly popular treatment that involves exposing your skin to extreme cold and dry air for between 1 and 3 minutes. The cryo sauna (also called an ice chamber or cryo chamber) is cooled in one of two ways – either through the use of electricity or with nitrogen gas. While you relax in style, the temperature around you is carefully regulated to dip to as low as -160°C.

Sound like a bizarre way to get healthy? Actually, the rapid changes in temperature work a little bit of magic and help to improve your wellbeing and re-energize your body.

How Does a Cryotherapy Treatment Work?

There are various cryotherapy therapies that are used including the different types of chambers for you to relax in while you receive treatment. Most cryotherapy treatments work by tricking the body into thinking that it is freezing. If that sounds dramatic, don’t worry – it’s only for 1-3 minutes in the safety of your cryo-chamber.

The plunging temp triggers your body’s natural healing mechanisms, forcing it to work tirelessly in an effort to heat your body back up. Your blood circulation is increased, harmful toxins in the oxygen running through your system are minimized. This leaves your body running on a more nutritious supply of oxygen that accelerates healing and recovery.

Cryo 21 is a more highly targetted version of cryotherapy, which works in smaller areas, relying on reducing the temperature more slowly. Treatments last between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the area that’s being treated. The result is the elimination of dead fat cells, and the transformation of ‘white fat’ cells into ‘brown fat’.

These brown cells boost your metabolism, allowing your body to shed any excess fat its been stubbornly holding onto. It can help you reduce fat in problem areas like your chin, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and eliminating soreness in your muscles.

How Can Cryo 21 Help You?

Cryo 21, similar to PEMF, is the perfect way to kickstart the journey to achieving your health and wellness goals. If the weight loss goals you set in January have fallen by the wayside, it’s time to sort yourself out.

How self-conscious do you feel about that double chin?

How often do you hold yourself back from going for an important opportunity because you don’t feel physically fit enough to achieve it?

How many times have you failed to really go for it in your personal life because you don’t feel good enough for that guy you really want to ask out, or that girl you keep kinda almost flirting with?

Unlike a lot of weight loss treatments, Cryo 21 lets you get highly targetted on areas that you find most problematic, or are most self-conscious about. Stop waiting until January to set new goals, and start achieving them today. It’s the ultimate biohack to kickstart your wellness and beauty goals.

Beyond that, Cryo 21 has a lot of great health benefits that go far beyond physical appearance. It can help you relieve pain and heal your muscles, improve cognition and reduce inflammation.

Ready To Book Your Cryotherapy?

If you’re looking for the perfect medspa to have a taste of cryotherapy with cutting-edge Cryo21 treatment, look no further. BluVida uses only the highest quality equipment at our specialist beauty hub and cryo spa in Katy, Houston. If you’re ready to start achieving your weight loss goals and boost your self-confidence, and you’re in the Texas area, get in touch with our highly experienced team today and book your first therapy experience…