News about Diabetes and Sugar Cravings

Did you know that at BluVida we can help families like yours live healthier lives? 💙

So, you want to enjoy the summer with your family. You want the fruits, the treats and the chocolate (who doesn’t!). But… you’re worried about your sugar levels. The doctor already told you that you’re pre-diabetic, and the news tells you diabetes is irreversible.

You’re aware that, as an American, there is a diabetes epidemic and that diabetes is the 7th biggest killer in the USA. And you’re worried. You’re not sure what to do, you want to relax with your loved ones, but that nagging fear is always at the back of your mind every time you take a bite…

BluVida approach to diabetes

Well, here at BluVida, we KNOW and UNDERSTAND different. BluVida is here for the people of Texas, diabetic or not. We acknowledge the root cause of diabetes, weight issues and other metabolic health conditions.

We’ve spent a small fortune on biohacking to improve our community’s health, diet, exercise, and even their DNA – and discovered what actually works.

Good news for diabetes

Our team has been working on understanding diabetes for over a decade, and we recognise that diabetes is REVERSIBLE.

The root cause of diabetes, weight issues and other metabolic health conditions is not a lack of willpower. It’s not a choice between good and bad food or a problem that can be fixed with a simple diet.

The root cause is inflammation in the body. And when you address that inflammation, you can reverse the symptoms of metabolic disease—decreasing your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and much more.

We’re here to help you do just that: address the root cause of your health issue so that you can take back control over your life!

ANTI-DIABETIC therapies at BluVida

Our ANTI-DIABETIC therapies include:

If you are frustrated and confused, we can help. We offer a safe and effective treatment program that balances your body’s metabolism and gives you the life back you deserve.

Through our proprietary approach and technology, we offer a safe and effective treatment that has helped thousands of people lose weight naturally and restore their metabolic health.

  • No more waiting for an appointment to get started.
  • No more uninformed conversations at the doctor’s office.
  • No more unnecessary prescriptions.
  • No more Googling it.

Let us show you how to stop diabetes from running your life.

Don’t forget…BluVida also has CryoTherapy, MesoTherapy and SlimSculpt to help with the outer effects of diabetes too.

CALL 713-493-7777 for more information or stop by today to pick up a gift that will have a long-term positive impact on your loved ones!