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The Peptide Therapy Used in Weight Loss Program you Need to Know Right Now

If your finger is firmly on the beat of all things health, then you may have heard of Peptide Therapy. But, just like all up-and-coming health and wellness trends, there is a lot of width but not wealth of information out there.

And on top of that, many manufacturers producing Peptides, or pharmacies selling Peptides, are taking shortcuts and using low-quality ingredients!

But that is not us.

Here at BluVida, you can trust our team, products, and programs to help change your health trajectory this 2023.

We’re SO excited to be bringing Peptide Therapy to our community, and we have seen first-hand how peptides can invoke life-enhancing results.

Firstly, we’d like to run through some imperative education:

  • What are Peptides?
  • The fundamental mechanism of Peptide Therapy.
  • How we’re using Peptide Therapy to achieve outstanding results as part of our unique weight loss program.

Peptide Therapy Used in Weight Loss

What Are Peptides?

  • Peptides are chains of amino acids that are no longer than 50 amino acids in length.
  • Several thousands of peptides exist. You can find peptides everywhere – naturally synthesized by your body, created in a lab, and in the foods you eat.

A peptide is simply a protein molecule broken down into smaller pieces. The human body naturally produces peptides, which communicate with other cells. When we consume them in supplement form, they are natural medications for our bodies.

Peptide Therapy Used in Weight Loss3

The fundamental mechanism of Peptide Therapy:

  • Peptides are the biological driving force behind every single reaction in our body.
  • Peptides are found in every cell and tissue and perform many essential functions.
  • The function that a peptide carries out depends on the types of amino acids involved in the chain and their sequence, as well as the specific shape of the peptide.
  • Peptides often act as hormones and thus constitute biological messengers carrying information from one tissue through the blood to another.

Simply put, peptides exert their action by binding to a receptor on the surface of a targeted cell.

Peptide Therapy Used in BluVida’s Unique Weight Loss Program

Peptide Therapy Used in Weight Loss2

Peptides Therapy for Weight Loss:

  • Peptides for weight loss have an extraordinary effect on fat loss and have decades of scientific evidence regarding their safety and efficacy.
  • Peptide Therapy for weight loss can be defined as using one or more peptides that target one or more mechanisms that directly or indirectly impact fat loss.

So, now you know what Peptide Therapy is all about, let’s talk about the specific Peptides we have available at BluVida to help you target the breakdown of fat directly finally.

But, before that, we have a promise to you!

Our Peptides are from PCAB PCCA-accredited pharmacies that purchase the purest ingredients.

Depending on the type of peptide, there are different methods for administering (i.e. capsules or injections).

Our medical team is highly trained in Peptide Therapy and knows how to safely and effectively inject you with the correct peptide.

As part of our program, our team of doctors will train you on how to use peptides and inject them safely at home.

1st Peptide for Weight Loss: Semaglutide

  • A synthetic modification of a hormone peptide known as GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1).
  • Increases insulin secretion.
  • It acts on centers in the brain and suppresses appetite.
  • Help patients adhere to a reduced-calorie diet.

Semaglutide is one of the best peptides because it directly addresses the negative behavior of over-eating and kills your appetite.

The FDA approved Semaglutide in June 2021 for chronic weight management in adults with obesity.

And it’s also a once-a-week injection, so you’ll have a hard time NOT adhering to its dosing protocol.

2nd Peptide for Weight Loss: CJC-1295/Ipamorelin

  • Known as a GHRP (growth hormone-releasing peptide), it produces a pulse that mimics how and when your body naturally releases growth hormone.
  • It does so via increased signaling to the pituitary gland and inhibition of a hormone called somatostatin that “tells” your body to lower the output of growth hormone.
  • ONLY targets growth hormone without affecting other bodily hormones or cortisol production (which lowers the rate of fat breakdown).

Ipamorelin is recommended as the best “introductory” peptide to fat loss if you are brand-new to using Peptide Therapy for weight loss.

Peptide Therapy and Ozone Sauna

Plus, why not combine your Peptide Therapy with our new Ozone Sauna!

Ozone Sauna Sessions:

  • The ozone sauna is a steam sauna that adds ozone to the body of the sauna.
  • Ozone sauna speeds up the metabolic processes, and one 30-minute session results in a loss of up to 1,000 calories.
  • Ozone Sauna helps your immunity by eliminating viral and bacterial infections, relieves pain and speeds up the healing process, and helps to relieve muscle and psychological stress.
  • It is also one of the most efficient ways to eliminate toxins and metals from the body.
  • We also offer Ozone Sauna with EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy), which adds even more cardiovascular and immunity benefits!

If you’re ready to undergo BluVida’s Revolutionary Program that could transform your life, call 713-493-7777 for more information or stop by today to see how we can help you be the best version of yourself!